Oils Unkut Wholesale Catalog

Our product catalog has been created for people looking to start their own business but may not have a lot of capital to get started. We understand that in the these times that it is a necessity to have multiple streams of income, and the only way to true success is controlling your own destiny. The product catalog gives access to all of our products at wholesale prices with only a one time catalog fee of $50.00.

How it works:
When you buy our catalog you will receive a confidential wholesale price list. The catalog will have the suggested retail price on the product, therefore you know exactly how much profit you will make off each product you sell. Your confidential prices are so low you will be able to give deals and cut prices and still make an outstanding profit. Simply present your catalog take the order with at least half for deposit upfront, which will basically pay for the product and when the product comes in the remaining balance is yours to keep!

For instance, let's take two our oil burners #3226 & 3223. They are both $25.00 each and your price is only $12.00. The customer is undecided on which color they would like to purchase, so u offer her a deal, both for $40.00. You save your customer $10.00 and still make a profit of $16.00. How awesome is that?!!

We have a wide array of products to fit every kind of personality u can think of, we have a large selection of body oils, burning oils, oil burners, scented lotions, skin & hair products, and our own line of air freshners called juce, so what are you waiting for? Call us today or visit us at oilsunkut.com. Let us be your gateway to success!!